Pauline Marois Again

I guess soon I will share my opinions about other topics but Pauline Marois is making the news daily and pisses me off. Let us be realistic if you hearing about it, it is probably true.  I am sure that with a good lawyer who can convince a judge to get the right court orders you can get the paper trail.  She probably did get funding form engineering firms that were solicited by her husband who is not coming out smelling like roses either. And no one can tell me that those donations were not made because promises were made that would benefit these firms in obtaining contracts.  Wait is she sounding like Rob Ford no I did not do it! But he offenses were his own Marios’s offenses are everybody’s

I do not care is she would have wore kinky underwear.  I do care if she is uses a notwithstanding clause to impose law that a majority does not want it and is illegal.  I do not care if she drinks to much but I do care if she is getting illegal funding.  And you think that she will be prosecuted for what they say is influence peddling dream on just like when Rene levesque got his punishment for running over and killing a pedestrian while driving drunk

Technically  I do not live in the fascist province anymore so I should not care but I am from there and once lived there for a short while, but I would never live there again. Do not try and get anything done or fight for your rights in the smallest things it is a losing cause.

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Pauline Marois English not important to workers !

Can someone get rid of this fat faced old school fascist, who is interested in keeping quebecers dumb and poor !

Really does she not understand we live in a global economy and collaboration is a MUST ! No matter what industry.

There are many global companies here in this province either home grown like Bombardier or from abroad like Fedex. In either of those companies if you want to move up the corporate latter you better speak read and write English or you will work on the production floor your whole life with no chance of advancement. This is not imaginary this is factual, I know for a fact in fedex stations in Mirabel or Dorval you can not move into management with being bilingual end of story. Even if you desire to stay with Fedex in Quebec forever you will never get a management position if you only speak French! So why does the sovereignist  want to restrict quebecers growth opportunities. But it is not only restricting them personally it is also doing it financially for individual but for the province.

And why is it that many Canadian and US franchises have not come to Quebec or come into Quebec but years later. I am sure you can think of  many that you all over Canada that are not in Montreal. Some of which include Eddie Bauer, Abercrombie & Fitch,  J Crew,  many more but those are ones off the top of my head. And here they are they say they want to create more jobs. It is costly for any company to expand into this province then there is the whole language barrier and I am sorry any English based company from Canada or US want employees especially management positions HAVE TO be bilingual as they have to deal with the headquarters that are not French at their core need employees to understand and communicate in the language of it owners. If it is a Chinese company being in Montreal management will want local management to speak Chinese. It make sense no ! You have to fit in the company’s culture to move forward in it !

So really it’s looks like she is trying to keep quebecers oppressed and the sad part is it is being sold as protecting our culture and there still large portion of quebecers that fit into they baby boomer category that are still stuck in that mentality and have been completely sold and do not see the bigger picture. So many people in my age group also only speak French and very very poor or no English and they know. And have told me about not being able to get jobs with international companies or have the opportunity to move ahead in the company because they speak no English,   Duh moi je comprends pas l’anglais  oui mais apprend le.  Oh wait you will have to learn it later in life as adult and pay for classes!  Please give me break with these bilingual program or French immersion I have heard people schooled this way there English is very poor and would not pass the tests admitted by companies for proficiency and English is not a hard language

Ok that is my thought on that, so go ahead keep being brain washed by an oppressive government bravo

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Quebec Voter Fraud, no Voter Suppression

There is no voter fraud, What it is sounding more like voter discrimination and suppression on the part of the individuals who are working at these registration stations, that are run by a biased party. The following audio will demonstrate the what is happening to many students that are more determined than ever to vote in the province’s Apr. 7 election after the Parti Québécois accused Ontarians and other Canadians of trying to steal the result.

Several of La Marois’s strategies are backfiring on her…Bring PKP to the forefront, wow that blew up in her face with his claim that he wants a country for his children to grow up and well she has not been able to put that genie back in to bottle, well done. We Canadians of french expression, like me thank her for inserting her foot in mouth….

And she continues get under people’s skin with voter suppression English-speakers and other non-francophones students that yes were born in other provinces and have come to live and study in quebec.  They live, reside and are domiciled here for what is several years. Wow what a way to light a fire and those who might not have been fussed about voting. I sure as hell would be making sure that I  got my right to vote.

Voter suppression is a down right discrimination or what I have seen referred to as political profiling is this going to turn out like what happened in Florida in 2000 with Bush. You can read all about that at this site

Well I am not the least bit surprised that this is going on, like many others things in this province that you apparently have a right to do they make it hard and close to impossible to do something with you having an attorney on retainer!





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Quebec Elections / Fraund & Discrestion

More funny business by the existing PQ government, it seems they change things as it suits them.

Everything about this election and before it has been highly publicized. So I would say pretty every citizen living in this province wants to ensure that they are registered for their RIGHT to vote !

Over the past week I have many stories in media of long time residents receiving voter information cards with their names not being listed but that of their children. Others calling elections office after not receiving a voter card and after being asked if they spoke French to which their response was no, told that they could not vote.  Students living, working and who file taxes here being told they can’t vote here.

Conditions are clear for voter eligibility.  Must be 18, a Canadian citizen and be living in Quebec for 6 months, pretty clear.

It is pretty fair to say that there are many people who are normally not bothered to vote that are coming out of the woodwork. So now the PQ coming out with accusations the there must be voter fraud going on. What! Because people making sure they are registered and are registering, oh and they supposedly non francophone voters has risen!

Gee imagine that all English people that live in this province want to make sure they get registered to vote. They are tired of her oppressive government and by damned they are going to make their voices heard,

The kicker for me is THIS Quebec’s chief electoral officer says electoral list revisers have the power to use their discretion when determining who is eligible to vote….. Huh !!

So does that mean that all the retired little old woman who work at these things are going to get to decide whether you get to vote or not! If I meet the criteria then I can register end if story,

There is no fraud because more people are simply wanting to vote in an important election.

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Pauline Marois on English Voters…Laughable

Well this will make you laugh…

One day the office de la langue francaise is sending nasty letters and attacking a woman who has a store in Chelsea, Qc about her posts and updates being in English. I mean really a face book page that people can follow if they choose… I created a page for the fundraising for the surgery needed for Harry and it is all in English should be expecting a nasty letter from OLF

then the killer listen is  I like this one ….here is this little luncheon place on Sherbrooke maddi’s place I think it it called well they got nasty letter fom OLF for having oldish decorations. You know like the old coke signs and the such  lots of restaurants buy to decorate…..well they happened to be in english so they went after them for that….ok well all adverts for coke on all menus  in Quebec should be banished the word sprite Kleenex and the rest I mean really they are english words

but the big kicker is in one one her comments you can here below I mean OMG WFT and all the other words I think of … does Pauline marois think we are that stupid well maybe the French Canadians that are uneducated and have the worse drop out rate …ok I will not go there now not wanting to offend those of my fellow French Canadians who are and have sense to realize and read and are informed

BUT please listen to the clip you will laugh for sure.  And thanks to Aaron Rand for playing clip on CJAD

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Quebec & Canadian Dollar

Now this is funny! Here is a bunch of PQist who want a sovereign Quebec, but they want to keep the Canadian dollar.   WHAT !

Oh wait there is more they want to be sovereign, keep the dollar and have a seat at the Bank of Canada.   WHAT !

Ok ok well does something not sound right there? Well here is my opinion. You what to be a sovereign country, get your own currency, create your own banking system!  I mean really are they nuts and they made it sound as a demand.

If Quebec does become it’s own country I think the rest of Canada is at the point that it really does care anymore or to the point of just fed up with yet another referendum. So go ahead but if you do then we should not allow you to still be part of Canada in anyway shape or form, well my response would be simple…..NO

Spoiled little brats screaming that they have the right

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Vive Le Quebec Vide

Vive le Quebec vide! Cute huh! I heard it on the radio the other day when they were asking their listeners what the slogan should be for PQ in this upcoming election and well I would say it is appropriate, because of the madame fat face’s policies, yes I mean Pauline Marios.

Here are some interesting tidbits that once again never really made big or not at all in French media.  I forget what day it was announced but sometime in January.

The provincial government told it’s ministries and agencies not to communicate in English with businesses or organizations established in Quebec. Now that means everything. Any and all correspondence to or from any government office will ONLY be in French. Now that might not sound like much but it is your hydro bill, telephone bill, income tax, incorporation papers etc!

Let’s not forget the poor woman who has little business near Gatineau that got a threatening letter from the OLF for using english on a Facebook page she created for her customers to post on and she to let them know what’s new or going on. Demanding that it be in French because she is a business and must communicate with her clients in French or she will be fined etc( she is not far from Ottawa it is an easy move) and I hope she gets the help she needs to bring this to the human right commission.

Let’s forget about the Anglo quebecers for a sec, how many businesses are here from us or other countries that have branches in the province who respect all the rules but now no longer have the ability to receive anything in English, well they just going to get fed up they don’t need the business that much and with more political instability easier to close up shop.  So now there goes up the amount of people unemployed.  That is looking at foreign companies as an example. Now let’s look at our local companies, home grown ones. Even if I am a bilingual I still choose to have my hydro bill or any other document tax related or other n English as a company for ease of understanding.

Here is the other part not seen in French media there are and will continue to be people closing shop and moving to the Ontario side, overhead is cheaper only one income tax to fill out and no hassles. Oh and you can get documentation in English and French they will correspond with you in the language you want they don’t care they want you happy making money proving jobs.

Well there go more jobs and this is not made and all hype people I know they have small businesses are LEAVING!

So great economic strategy for growth! more unemployed people on the dole, no new jobs opening up! So the rest of the poor suckers left behind can pay higher taxes and continue to have more people on welfare eventually.  and if you at stats-can info and what has been in the media. It’s not like Quebec doesn’t have like a huge drop out rate, yeah they are going to grow up and be big contributing members of society.


well that is the end of my rant for toady but hey I should one be upset I have address in Canada I’m safe.

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