Vive Le Quebec Vide

Vive le Quebec vide! Cute huh! I heard it on the radio the other day when they were asking their listeners what the slogan should be for PQ in this upcoming election and well I would say it is appropriate, because of the madame fat face’s policies, yes I mean Pauline Marios.

Here are some interesting tidbits that once again never really made big or not at all in French media.  I forget what day it was announced but sometime in January.

The provincial government told it’s ministries and agencies not to communicate in English with businesses or organizations established in Quebec. Now that means everything. Any and all correspondence to or from any government office will ONLY be in French. Now that might not sound like much but it is your hydro bill, telephone bill, income tax, incorporation papers etc!

Let’s not forget the poor woman who has little business near Gatineau that got a threatening letter from the OLF for using english on a Facebook page she created for her customers to post on and she to let them know what’s new or going on. Demanding that it be in French because she is a business and must communicate with her clients in French or she will be fined etc( she is not far from Ottawa it is an easy move) and I hope she gets the help she needs to bring this to the human right commission.

Let’s forget about the Anglo quebecers for a sec, how many businesses are here from us or other countries that have branches in the province who respect all the rules but now no longer have the ability to receive anything in English, well they just going to get fed up they don’t need the business that much and with more political instability easier to close up shop.  So now there goes up the amount of people unemployed.  That is looking at foreign companies as an example. Now let’s look at our local companies, home grown ones. Even if I am a bilingual I still choose to have my hydro bill or any other document tax related or other n English as a company for ease of understanding.

Here is the other part not seen in French media there are and will continue to be people closing shop and moving to the Ontario side, overhead is cheaper only one income tax to fill out and no hassles. Oh and you can get documentation in English and French they will correspond with you in the language you want they don’t care they want you happy making money proving jobs.

Well there go more jobs and this is not made and all hype people I know they have small businesses are LEAVING!

So great economic strategy for growth! more unemployed people on the dole, no new jobs opening up! So the rest of the poor suckers left behind can pay higher taxes and continue to have more people on welfare eventually.  and if you at stats-can info and what has been in the media. It’s not like Quebec doesn’t have like a huge drop out rate, yeah they are going to grow up and be big contributing members of society.


well that is the end of my rant for toady but hey I should one be upset I have address in Canada I’m safe.


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